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Given the fact that there are now over 1.000.000 apps on the AppStore and more appear daily, we created Glewp, a service that helps users and developers share and discover new exciting iOS aplications. With the Appstore top 200 being dominated by mostly the same apps, and the rise of new daily releases, it is harder and harder to discover great new apps. This is where Glewp comes to fix all that.

Glewp is a community that allows users/developers post the apps they love/made and share them with the world. Using a vote system and a carefully crafted algorithm we ensure that only the best and most talked about apps reach the hot page. Because of the unique way in which Glewp works, the hot page will be constantly refreshed, with the help of the community, ensuring the discovery of only the best apps.

Glewp is still in beta so please leave as much feedback as you can, it will help us make this community better.

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