One of the best selling: CISS Ink System for HP920

The Best selling CISS Ink System also known as a continuous ink supply system is a method for delivering a large and practically unlimited volume of liquid ink to a comparatively small inkjet printhead.

Many CIS systems have been developed to cover most Epson Canon, and other printers but most important is CISS Ink Systems for HP and one of the best selling is CISS Ink System for HP364 (5 cartridges) followed by CISS Ink System for HP920 / HP364 (4 cartridges).

These bulk feed systems also allow users to use inexpensive aftermarket inkjet inks as well as specialty inks for T-Shirt transfers or Black and White inks for B&W printing. These options have allowed users to produce specialty prints at a fraction of the cost of purchasing special cartridges or using more expensive printing solutions.

Retrofit continuous ink tanks designs vary, and most incorporate a constant level, barometric pressure design. Constant level CIS delivers a smooth flow of ink to the cartridges as needed. The front tank is vented to atmosphere, and negative gauge air pressure in the back tank delivers ink to the cartridges.

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